Monday, August 21, 2023

Hairstyles By Miss Ruby Tuesday- Mullet Shag Bi level Cut

This is what is known as a "Bi-Level" haircut- aka "The Mullet" - it is a combination of 2 haircuts blended as 1 - the mullet became popular in the 80s due to a lot of men who held down jobs that required short hair (working at a bank or in the office) - yet they were also moonlighting (holding down other jobs at night) as entertainers/musicians - so the Bi-Level haircut allowed them to have the short haircut look as long as they put the rest of it in a rubberband & rolled it under secured it with a bobby pin- & when they got off work to head to their rock & roll job /club scene- all they had to do was take out the rubberband. - hence the saying- "Business in the Front- Party In The Back" - eventually- the ladies also enjoyed the mullet as they discovered they didn't have to tuck their hair behind their ears & they could show off their earrings :-D #StuckInThe80s #Mullets #HairstylesByMissRubyTuesday To book an appointment- head to my website MissRubyTuesday.Com

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Hairstyles By Miss Ruby Tuesday- Long One Length Becomes A Long Shag!

I got an email from a gal whose mother had one length long hair & she wanted a long shag...
this video shows the transition. :-D If you need a haircut- feel free to email me.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hairstyles By Miss Ruby Tuesday- Giving A Haircut Using Coronavirus Guid...

ok- now that the hair industry is required to operate under new guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic- I called a client to use for a model to show what is entailed - taking the temp & forcing the stylist & clients to wear a mask.... the mask presents many potential issues for the customer- including hair falling into the mask while the haircut is being given.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Hairstyles By Miss Ruby Tuesday- Getting Ready To Go Back To Work!

ok- after being forced to be unemployed for over 12 weeks... due to the coronavirus pandemic- hair salons have finally been given the "green light" to resume work... but- it is more like a yellow light... as we are now required to treat our customers as if they are patients with the plague!- seriously- forcing the client to wear a mask (for their protection) will actually create a different headache- hair will fall inside the mask during a haircut...